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Elizabeth Brown

On 28 Dec 1795 Robert Mead conveyed a tract of 139 acres in Bedford Co., VA to
him. He and his wife conveyed that land in Sep 1811 to Samuel Hancock. Soon after
this he started west with his family. He probably followed the trail taken by his father
and brothers several years previous to the head waters of the Big Sandy River, but
without stopping, he passed on down into what is now Wayne County, West Virginia
where his daughter Sophia was born according to information recieved in 1910 from his
grand-daughter, Mrs. George P. Clancy, now deceased. Crossing the Big Sandy, he
moved down the Ohio into Greenup Co., KY where he died in 1821 and was buried
on Tygart's River. At November court in 1821 his widow was appointed admistratrix of
his estate. She survived him for thirty years, as shown by the inscription copied from her
grave stone: "Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Mead,
died Oct 19, 1851. Age 81 years." Her age is not correctly stated on her grave
because her father's consent to her marriage indicates that she was not of age in 1796,
and the 1820 census of Greenup Co., KY shows a female member of B. Mead's family
who was then more than 26 and less than 45 years of age, while the 1830 census
shows that Elizabeth Mead was then between 50 and 60. If she were less than 45 in
1820, she was less than 55 in 1830. Suppose that she was 53 in 1830, then her birth
would have occurred in 1777, and her age would have been 74 at her death. Her
grand-daughter, Mrs. Clancy, was thirteen years of age when her grandmother died,
and in 1910 stated that her grand-mother had a brother named Lowden Brown.

Moses Cartwright

thought to be born around Centre cty Pa

Hannah McAlister

1880 US census says was born in Pa from daughter Mary Ann

Cyrus Cartwright

LDS has death at Greenup Ky

Robert Mead

HISTORY: In the records of Bedford Co, he was called the "orphan" of John Mead, in
1764, which indicates that he was under 21 years, but he was past 10 years in 1764, so
his birth was probably 1750. His oldest child was born about 1772, so he probably
married in 1770-71. He must have been 21 in Sep 1772 as he served as a juror in
Bedford County. on 27 Jul, 1779 he served again as a juror in the case of Campbell v.
Branch. This establishes his patriotism and renders his descendents eligible for several
revolutionary societies. He dealt considerably in Bedford Co. real estate from 1785 to
1801 when he moved to the head waters of the Big Sandy River in Floyd Co., KY,
where he settled on Mud Creek below the town of Harold. He acquired 1600 acres of
land on Goose Creek in Bedford, VA from his brother, William Mead for 16,000
pounds of tobacco. For more history and families see "Mead Relations" p23-25

John Mead

HISTORY: On 20 Nov 1733, he purchased land from Catesby Cocke and deed was
delivered to him by clerk on 25 Oct, 1736. *He witnessed a sale of land by his
father-in-law, Richard Abrill, on this document it state that John was a Quaker. Prince
William county was formed from parts of Stafford county and King William county in
1730, Fairfax county was formed from Prince William county in 1742, and Loudoun
county was formed from Fairfax county in 1757. On 28 Jan, 1733-34, Thomas Thoms
of Prince William county sold John and Henry Ballinger some land in Truro Parish,
Prince William county. This deed was witnessed by an oath from his father-in-law,
Richard Abrill. This was affirmed by a court on 18 July 1734 and on 28 May 1739 it
was further affirmed by Amos Janney, a Quaker. Since Quakers did not take oaths, it is
unlikely that Richard Abrill was a Quaker. In these deed it refers to John as a Planter.
he moved and died in Bedford County, VA in 1754.

HISTORY: John and Mary Abrell (both of Nottinham MM) made their first
appearence at the New Garden MM on 31st of 10th mo, 1726 to signify their intention
of marrying. He was requested to bring a certivicate of his intention of marrying. He was
requested to bring a certificate of his conversation and clearness from Bucks County,
PA. They appeared for the second time on 28-11-1726, he produced a letter of
consent from his parents and also a certificate form Friends where he was raised
(Chester County?). The minutes of the Quaker meeting describe John as a "young man"
in 1726, which would indicate that his birth occured close to 1700 when his parents
lived in Cecil County, MD

HISTORY: Letters of administration were granted on his estate in Bedford County in
the year 1754. These letters were granted to his son, William Mead.

MARRIAGE certificate in article by G.C. Callahan appearing in an article in the 10
William and Mary College Quarterly, 191, 242 Nottingham MM, Chester County -
records their marriage on 2 March, 1726 DEED - Book "B", page 186, Prince William
County, VA DEED* - Book "B", page 311, Prince William County, VA DEED -
Book "D", page 117, Prince William County, VA

HISTORY: Quaker records: "At a monthly meeting held at New Garden on the 31st
10th month 1726, John Mead and Mary Abrell, both of Nottingham, appeared and
signified their intention of taking each other in marriage, it being the first time. The
meeting appointed Jeremiah Brown and John White to make inquiry concerning the
man's conversation and clearness from all other women, and to give an account at the
next meeting. The young man is desired to bring a certificate from Bucks County of his
conversion and clearness." At a meeting held 28 Nov.,1726, John Mead and Mary
Abrell appeared and signified their intention of marriage for the second time and the
inquirers report that they find nothing to obstruct the intentions and he produced a paper
form his mother and father of their consent and also a certificate from Friends where he
was brought up as to whether he is clear from all women. Thereabouts on that account
they are left to their liberty to accomplish their marriage according to the truths order
and Jeremiah Brown and John White are appointed to attend the marriage and give
account to next monthly meeting and bring marriage certificate also to be recorded..
The meeting of 25 Dec.,1726, the Friends appointed to see the marriage of these
Friends gave an account that it was orderly accomplished. (Note: According to the old
style or Julian calender, which was the official calender of the English colonies until
1752, the 12th month was March, so that the marriage of John Mead and Mary Abrell
occurred on 2 Mar.,1726) Marriage Certificate: son of William Mead, married Mary
Abrell, daughter of Richard Abrell and Elizabeth his wife of Cecil County,
Maryland....met together in public meeting place in Nottingham, county of Chester,
Pennsylvania, on 2 Mar.,1726. Recorded in New Garden MM. Witnesses to this
marriage as noted on the Certificate: Richard Abrell, Elizabeth Abrell, Lydia Ross,
Mary Browne, Miriam Coppock, Esther Brown, Ann Dutton, Mary Wright, Hannah
Churchman, Elizabeth Bayley, Thomas Barrett, Sarah Baels, Mary Ross, James Wright,
John Ross, William Bayley, Joseph Jones, Jeremiah Brown, Katherine Ross and others.
John moved to the Fairfax County, VA area and deeds are recorded there in the
1730's and onward: John Mead and his father-in-law, Richard Abrill (also spelled
Averill on some deeds)speculators, obtained a warrant from the proprietor of the tract
of land on the south fork of the Catoctin Creek. Catseby Cocke got the warrant form
them and cashed it in by taking a lease for 703 acres in August of 1731. (Northern
Neck Grants, Folio 13-13A) Cocke sold this grant back to Mead(Prince WM County,
VA) 20 Nov.,1733 bought 733 acres from Catesby Cocke in consideration of five
pounds sterling. It's location was on the draughts of the Kittockton...signed in presence
of John Peyton, William Bookley, and Samuel Smith. 28 June, 1734 between Thomas
Thoms, planter and John Mead, carpenter; this 703 acres of Mead's was divided into
two parts, the southern portion was 400 acres, comprising most of present day
Waterford and holding the potential for plenty of waterpower, and this was sold to
Amos Janney in 1735-1736. The second part of the 703 acres was sold in March of
1743 to Francis Hague.(deed book A: pg 11-13) Indenture between John Mead,
carpenter and David Griffith, planter of the same on both sides of Joshuas
Cabin Br. 147 acres....witnessed by Samuel Mead and James Green. John Mead to
David 16 Feb.,1742...147 acres branch commonly known a s Joshuas
Cabin Branch....part of 703 acres purchesed by John Mead from Catesby Cocke.
Witnessed by Samuel Mead. Deed book A: Part 2; Indenture 19th March 1743
between John Mead and Francis Hague....sells land in Fairfax....containing 333 acres.
And Henry Ballinger of Prince George County in Maryland, planter of the other hundred acre tract....lying in the parish of Truro in the county of Prince
William and on the branches of Kittocktan Run....adjoining land of Richard Wood.
Witnesses Amos Janney, John Gordon, and Richard Abrill dated 14 November, 1744
He is noted in Orange County, VA with his father-in-law, Richard Abrill when he
purchased cloth from an estate. Will Book I; pg 139 John Mead and Henry
Ballinger....Deed Book A;pg 272-274; sold 100 acres, part of 600 acres granted by
Proprietor's Office to Richard Wood, in Fairfax County. John Mead to Richard
Poultney...Deed Book A;pg 198-200; sale of cattle, witnessed by Samuel Mead. 17
May, 1744 26 Mar.,1744...John Mead and Ballenger to Joseph 17
March, 1743 Fairfax Deed Book B;pg215-216....indenture November 1746 between
John Mead and Nicholas osborn....sells 240 acres on south branch of Kittockton.
Inventory is listed in Bedford County, VA Deed Book 1; pgs 194-195. Administrator
was William Mead. Mentioned are Richard Kannon, John Thompson, Wm. Morgan,
Wm. Callaway, and Matthew Talbot; "by the sale of John Mead's estate". Returned on
28 Nov.,1758 Bedford County, VA Deed Book 1;(1754-1762) inventory and
appraisement dated 19 Aug.,1754. Listed: household furnishings, livestock, farm
equipment, and other tools including "Turner's tools" by Philomena Mead - Fairfax, CT

Mary Mead

Birth: 1732 in Lower Wakefield, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania 1 2
Death: BEF 1787 in Loudon, Virginia 1 2
Burial: UNKNOWN Goose Creek Cemetary, Bedford Co., Virginia 1 2
Event: Comment 1 30 AUG 1747 Married "out of unity" with Quakers
Event: Comment 1 30 MAY 1748 Dismissed from Quakers
Event: Comment 1 29 APR 1758 Confessed her fault and was received back with her child