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Other marriages:

Benjamin Corson was born in 1686 in France. He married Blandina Viele.

Blandina Viele was born about 1695 in Staten Island Richmond NY. She married Benjamin Corson.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin Corson Jr

Ryck Suydam was born on 10 Oct 1675 in New York NY. He married Jannetje Dorland.

Jannetje Dorland was born about 1680 in Long Island NY. She married Ryck Suydam.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Suydam

George A Cameron married Martha Georgietta Marple on 14 Apr 1885.

Martha Georgietta Marple [Parents] was born on 13 Sep 1850 in Honeybrook Chester Pa. She married George A Cameron on 14 Apr 1885.

Henry Llewelyn Marple [Parents] was born on 20 Jul 1852 in Honeybrook Chester Pa. He died in Lawrence Mn. Henry Llewelyn Marple married Anna Rebecca Marple on 22 Mar 1881.

Anna Rebecca Marple [Parents] was born about 1855 in Honey Brook Pa. She married Henry Llewelyn Marple on 22 Mar 1881.

John Marple.

He had the following children:

  F i Anna Rebecca Marple

Jay Henry Long married Elizabeth Buchanan Marple on 23 Jun 1876.

Elizabeth Buchanan Marple [Parents] was born on 24 Jul 1856 in Honeybrook Chester Pa. She died in Mankato Mn. Elizabeth Buchanan Marple married Jay Henry Long on 23 Jun 1876.

William Henry Davenport married Mary Augusta Marple on 22 Feb 1883.

Mary Augusta Marple [Parents] was born on 11 Dec 1859 in Honeybrook Chester Pa. She married William Henry Davenport on 22 Feb 1883.

Villa D Conner was born on 18 Jan 1886. He died on 17 Nov 1961. Villa D Conner married Onida W Rodocker.

Onida W Rodocker [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1881 in Hicksville Oh. She died on 15 Feb 1951. Onida W Rodocker married Villa D Conner.

Edward Thornburg was born in 1792 in Pa. He died about 1872. Edward Thornburg married Rebecca Stapleton in 1821 in Oh.

Rebecca Stapleton was born in 1796 in Scotland. She died about 1876. Rebecca Stapleton married Edward Thornburg in 1821 in Oh.

They had the following children:

  F i Melinda Thornburg
  F ii Living
  F iii Living

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