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John Davidson was born about 1749 in Huntington Pa. He married Margaret.

Margaret married John Davidson.

They had the following children:

  M i William Davidson

Edwin Conway II [Parents] was born on 11 May 1642 in Va. He died in Aug 1698. Edwin Conway II married Elizabeth Thornton in 1695 in LancasterVa.

Other marriages:
Fleete, Sarah
Walker, Sarah

Elizabeth Thornton was born in 1674 in Va. She died in 1732. Elizabeth Thornton married Edwin Conway II in 1695 in LancasterVa.

They had the following children:

  M i Francis Conway

William Davidson [Parents] was born on 4 Apr 1775 in Pa. He died on 20 Dec 1851 in Pittsville Venango Pa and was buried in Presbyterian cem Pittsville Venango Pa. William Davidson married Jane Eleanor about 1826.

Other marriages:
Kaffroth, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary Elizabeth

Jane Eleanor was born about 1769 in Nittany Valley center Pa. She died on 10 Jan 1836. Jane Eleanor married William Davidson about 1826.

Other marriages:
Ross, Samuel Joseph

They had the following children:

  M i James R Davidson was born on 12 Mar 1827 in Nittany Valley Center Pa.

Edwin Conway Sr [Parents] was born about 1623 in Worchester Eng. He died in 1675 in Lancaster cty Va. Edwin Conway Sr married Martha Eltonhead in 1640 in England.

Other marriages:
Carter, ?


Martha Eltonhead was born about 1620 in Lancashire Eng. She died about 1652 in Va. Martha Eltonhead married Edwin Conway Sr in 1640 in England.

They had the following children:

  M i Edwin Conway II
  F ii Eltonhead Conway


Bridgett Blodgett [Parents] was born in 1773. She married Living.

James Blodgett [Parents] was born on 15 Dec 1756. He married Deborah Blanchard on 4 Mar 1788 in Wilton NH.

Deborah Blanchard was born on 30 May 1769 in Wilton NH. She married James Blodgett on 4 Mar 1788 in Wilton NH.


Molley Blodgett [Parents] was born in 1769. She married Living.

Henry Phelps married Hannah Blodgett on 24 Jun 1784 in Plymouth NH.

Hannah Blodgett [Parents] was born in 1764. She died on 10 Oct 1843 in Groton NH. Hannah Blodgett married Henry Phelps on 24 Jun 1784 in Plymouth NH.

Timothy Bayley was born on 16 Jun 1751 in Haverhill Mass. He married Zerviah Blodgett on 11 Jan 1778.

Zerviah Blodgett [Parents] was born on 13 May 1759 in Hudson NH. She married Timothy Bayley on 11 Jan 1778.



They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Pollard
  F ii Louis Pollard

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